Programmes d’échanges internationaux: un partenaire chinois de la CSLBP accusé de non respect des droits de la personne et de manque de transparence

Incroyable mais plus on creuse plus les problèmes s’accumulent.


 Wikipedia consacre un site aux programmes internationaux offerts à la Commission scolaire Lester B. Pearson.  À la fin de l’article on remarque des liens, dont un lien vers les archives du Pearson news juin 2011, p.11.


Twelve high school students, an educational consultant and a teacher will be leaving for China on July 17th for an educational trip. The students represent all of the Lester B. Pearson School Board’s high schools. The trip will last two weeks and will have the students and chaperones visiting a number of places, while learning about China’s rich culture and history. The trip is being hosted by China’s Hanban-Confucius School and is part of a long-standing partnership between the school board and the Government of China.»

Pour en savoir plus à propos de ce partenaire on retrouve sur le site de Wikipédia des informations dont plusieurs problèmes reliés au  Hanban-Confucius School. Entre autres, on accuse l’Institut du non respect de la liberté d’expression et des droits de la personne ainsi qu’un manque de transparence quant aux ententes contractuelles.

«A 21 June 2014 editorial in The Washington Post listed recent concerns about Confucius Institutes, including the AAUP advising universities to cut ties with them, alleged violations of freedom of speech and human rights, and the secrecy of undisclosed contracts between schools and the Hanban. It concluded that « academic freedom cannot have a price tag », and recommended that if universities will not publish their CI agreements, the programs should end.[20] The official Chinese news agency Xinhua « hit back with an angry editorial » on 24 June,[21] saying the claims by the AAUP and others that CIs « function as an arm of the Chinese state and are pushing political agendas », actually « expose not so much communist propaganda as their own intolerance of exotic cultures and biased preconceived notions to smear and isolate the CPC ».[22]»

De plus, dans le même article il semble qu’un haut responsable de l’Institut soit impliqué dans deux scandales.

«Scandals involving Hanban’s Director[edit]

Xu Lin, the Director of the Hanban and Secretary-General of the Confucius Institute Headquarters, caused two international scandals in 2014. In July, she ordered her staff to rip pages referring to Taiwanese academic institutions from the published program for the European Association for Chinese Studies conference in Portugal, claiming the materials were « contrary to Chinese regulations »,[23] which the Wall Street Journal described as the « bullying approach to academic freedom ».[24] In September, the University of Chicago closed their CI, blaming Xu’s comments that her threatening letter and phone call forced the university to continue hosting the institute.[25] The Business Spectator concludes that the Xu Lin’s hardline behavior highlights one of the biggest problems for Beijing’s charm offensive. « It still relies on officials like Xu, who still think and act like party ideologues who like to assert their authority and bully people into submission. »[26»



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